United Sucks

I hope this post will... uh... confirm what I already know but continue to go against my heart. Chicago can explain this: I have significant sunk costs (mileage) and high switching costs (no benefit on other airlines).

Anyway, on the way to Denver, our United flight had a malfunctioning radar. Yup, the usual delay ensues. They were trying to fix the part but United didn't have the part on hand. So instead, they had to go to another airline to get the part for our plane. Good times.

Coming back, United was able to one-up itself. They cancelled our flight from the resort to Denver entirely after checking all of us in and passing us through security. Chaos ensues. We were supposed to hop on a bus that would drive us to Denver. Only that there weren't enough seats. There was supposed to be a second bus. Only that now we have another option of waiting for an afternoon flight.

Five hours later, we arrived in Denver via the stupid bus. The only consolation prize was that I go to sit in Economy Plus.

I hate United. I cannot wait to go back to Asia Miles.

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