Something Lighter...

Time for a lighter post... apparently I reflect upon myself and eat in my free time.

Volare: really excellent Italian food. I had a linguine that was perhaps the best I have had in years. The risotto was also very good (I stole some off PP's plate). Dessert was tempting; but like all Italian dishes, we were filled with pasta already. Upon hearing my praise for Volare, a friend of mine commented that Italian food taste the same everywhere. Come to think about it, she's quite right. Boston's North End offers some of the best Italian food in the country (though one of the best lies in a little corner of Somerville (Slumerville), where I had my graduation dinner); oh, but you can't discount NYC's authenticity; but wait, Toronto also has very good Italian restaurants; in fact, Italian food in Hong Kong is also very good! Yup, they taste the same everywhere. But hey, that also means you can't go wrong anywhere. Even Edinburgh! Anyway, highly recommended restaurant.

Takkatsu: I was tempted to add my own review in citysearch. If there were a score, it needs to be a 9.6 and nothing lower. Here's a decent review. Let me start by recommending two dishes, which was recommended to me by Mr. YM, who commented that Takkatsu was the best pork cutlet restaurant in the US. Talk about high expectations! They were met with ease. My recs are the same as Mr. YM's: the crab croquette and #3 on the entree list, which is Tonkatsu (Pork Cutlet) made from black pork. Also decent on the menu is the agedashi tofu (great sauce) and #5 on the entree, a slightly more meaty pork cutlet choice. The succulent pork obviously does the magic, but I should also give credit to the katsu sauce. If I had a bottle of that stuff, I think there will be a few meals with only white rice and sauce... hmmm... Anyway, I wish I could try all the other options at some point. No worries, I'm definitely going back for more. My only complain? Lack of desserts options.

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