Totally unprepared

I feel totally unprepared for the Galapagos Islands. I blame United for this. I got back home late and was just way too tired to do anything. Nonetheless, I needed to do laundry and pack and get information that I need when I arrive in Quito tonight at 9:30pm. I fell asleep during the drying process and got up at 5:30 am. Still dead tired from the whole day of traveling yesterday from the ski resort to Chicago, I managed to pack for the trip in the next hour or so.

But... I didn't really finish my Quito reading... I didn't really learn the Spanish that I should have learned... I just found out which airport (O'Hare, damn it) I was departing from today... I also just found out that I have a 3 hour wait in Miami... arg...

Then again, traveling totally unprepared has its merits. Sort of like going into a Corp Fin final... NOT. There's more surprises, for better or worse. My default is still doing my homework and organizing things before walking into a foreign place. I'm quite flexible, so even if I planned a lot, it's not like I visit a place like a tour group. I figure out what I want to see and compare it to where I am and make adjustments as I go. Not this time, I guess. I'll have to ask around in Quito to see what's there to do!

Merry Christmas, my dear readers. I'll be back to Chicago before New Year. Galapagos will deserve a dot in my map; in the meantime, you can see the updated map. The load time is slow and I blame it on the server in HK (more research needed, but I'm convinced it's not the file... by the way, check out this awesome site!)... my HK friends should have an easier time loading the map.


Anonymous said...

Hey Merry x'mas!

Kyuyean said...

Merry Christmas, Eric!

I wish you and T.C. will have Merry Christmas in the islands!

From Kay