Ski trip report

My first day ended in disaster, so to say. Was cramping from 2pm and on. My time away from skiing probably hurt. The altitude hurt. The overconfidence hurt. The great powder in Steamboat did not. I had fun, that's the most important part. Now let me inject some oxygen into my legs.

A lot of drinking so far. I'm considering putting beer in my reservoir. Not. Why would I need to do that when there's free booze at 3pm to 5pm and discounted booze from 9pm onwards.

By the way, the State Department has just condemned Iranian president for saying that Israel will soon be wiped out. I condemn that too... and then there's the double standard of letting Japanese politicians get away with claiming the Nanjing Massacre didn't happen. How can you claim to lead the world to democracy/freedom and make the world a better place for everybody? Shouldn't you have the same standards?

Meanwhile, Taiwan elections again proceeded in quite a messy way. For the presidential elections, there was the dramatic "assassination attempt; for the mayor (it's the mayor, for god's sake! a freaking mayor!), there was the dramatic "buying votes" accusation.

In Hong Kong, the pro-democratic (I have a beef about this name, I believe most politicians are pro-democratic in Hong Kong - won't get votes otherwise - the difference is in time frame and format) party won a huge victory in the preliminary rounds. It probably won't matter at the end, since you do need blessings from China to make anything possible. But it's a start.

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