Why AG?

It was a very odd feeling walking around AG and chatting with the various people that I still know. On one hand, I have made the decision to follow my goal all along; on the other hand, I am witnessing what I will miss out on.

For many people, returning to the old firm usually means visiting a few people here and there. For me and AG, it's from the CEO to the analyst that I helped hire out of undergraduate. It's no surprise that I spend a whole day at AG every time I visit.

Perhaps I will do this for shmoo... why AG is the right firm.

For any consulting firm, it starts from the people. Obviously, they are all nice people: friendly, helpful, driven, sharp, smart, etc etc. With a mix of PhDs and MBAs, AG avoids the typical cut throat career path that many other consulting embrace. It's a very intellectual/ academic/ collegial place to work. Everybody seems to be having fun and enjoying life.

Workwise, fundamentally, all AG hires like to do problem solving with the data at hand. Because of the nature of the work (consulting for law suites), there is very little pressure to find an answer to please. Rather, it's finding the right answer and doing it correctly. Highly intellectual yet not too much pressure from the clients. I would venture to say that dollar per pressure is very very high among the similarly paid.

So why am I not heading back? Because the location (Boston) isn't right now. More importantly, which brings me back to the nice things about AG, is that the door is always open for me to return.

Needless to say, I'm very grateful for what AG has done for me the person and my career. It's sad to walk around the Boston office saying "I'm not coming back" and goodbye to people that I truly care about. Yet, I'm very happy that I went through AG in my life. For every thank you I received from AG, I also want to thank them back. It was a great run.

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