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To my earlier post on interpreting a sign...

Happy new year by the way! Let's review my performance...
  • Number of posts in 2006: 173
  • Number of posts in 2007: 173 (I kid you not, it was not intentional - shows you that the frequency of my mind striking my keyboard is quite consistent)
  • Number of posts in 2008: 100
Which brings me to my "new year resolution"... I've never quite believed in new year resolutions, only because of the timing. Why can't I have a birthday resolution? Or a Chinese new year resolution? Or a moon cake festival resolution? Xmas resolution? I don't celebrate much during new year eve besides telling the people I love that I love them and happy new year. There's nothing really special on Jan 1. Nonetheless, this year, I did feel the urge to post some resolutions.

I often wonder why suddenly I did so. Maybe because I didn't accomplish anything in 2008. Maybe because my weight is going up. Maybe because 2009 is the year of the bull(shit). Maybe because I was bored. Or perhaps I felt empty in some parts of my life and that my resolution could fulfill that emptiness. Um... I'm going for the last reason. Without further ado:
  1. Blog more (100 is despicable, I apologies to my 2 readers - hi James, hi PNGF)
  2. Read more
  3. Connect more
That's it! Happy 2009! (Ah the irony that I blog on Jan 10 about the new year... by the way, I'm on pace for 110 posts right now)

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