Adventure Capitalist by Jim Rogers

Yup, another book down. I'm actually quite excited about the next one: Prisoner of the State by Zhao Ziyang (趙紫陽). By the time I am done, it might coincide with the 20th anniversary of the June 4th Incident.

First things first though. Adventure Capitalist is a book about Jim Roger's travel around the world - twice. Basically, he zig zags through the Euroasia continents via Middle East and Russia, and then takes a route along the southern shorelines across Africa, Asia, Australia, South America and back to America. The book is more about a from-the-ground view of economies that he comes across: Rogers will have a few paragraphs to a few pages dedicated to why he would or would not invest in that economy. The focus is usually on the resources and governance that the country has and the bureaucracy of doing business there.

Overall, it's a pretty entertaining book that touches on some very serious subjects (e.g. lack of accountability for NGOs) while moving along crisply with his travels. I respect a book like this - one that voices an opinion bluntly with no regard for the opposition. Sometimes I find Rogers a bit radical... but hey, it's his opinion!

And I love the last 20-25 pages on his views on the American economy. The book was published in 2003... so I sincerely hope Jim Rogers made a killing over the last year or so in this crappy economy. Highly recommended, especially if you dream of traveling around the world.

(By the way, I would love to read one that's about culture)

Off to some serious Chinese history.