I've been blogging a lot... aside from the pictures posting (MOMA in Picasa); however, there's actually not much content. A few food pics and a few comments here and there and that's it. I really should put more thought into my posts.

When you work, you don't have much time to do things you wanted to do.

When you are free, you still don't have enough time to do things you wanted to do, but for entirely different reason: the main cause of this feeling of "no time" is because with the free time, you suddenly realize how much you wanted to do!

List of things to do:
  • Do-it-myself: Photography, hiking, movies, blogging, trying out restaurants, poker, reading, playing and watching sports...
  • Do-it-with-people: hanging out with PNGF, meeting old friends from kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, college, AG, GSB (Booth), and hosting visitors from all over the world
Lucky for me, I can do all of the activities now... though there still isn't enough time! And therein lies the follies of modern life: how can one person possibly do everything he or she wants to do if there's a job waiting Monday through Friday!?

When you work, you choose one activity from the do-it-myself category every weekend... and 2 to 3 activities from the do-it-with-people category and that's it. You squeeze the nights and the weekends, and then you squeeze some more... and you start to internalize that your hobbies and interests don't fan much beyond meeting up with friends and families for a hike, a meal and a drink.

How sad.

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