Watched 2 movies

The Soloist: After playing Ray Charles, Jamie Foxx tries to be a musician again, this time homeless and suffering from occasional schizophrenia. Robert Downing Jr plays the reporter who covered his story and tries to help him on his feet. I thought the movie was okay... somehow, I was a bit numbed by the feel good story. I shouldn't be and I apologize. The movie makes an attempt to discuss homelessness and how "healthy" people are helping in the wrong way. To us, they need to stand on their feet and figure life out. Especially one as talented as Jamie Foxx. The movie correctly portrays the homeless perspective too. It's not just standing. It's life. Frequenty, we help without thinking of what we're asking for. Something as simple as moving into an apartment means the world to one who hasn't had a bed in 20 years. As the movie stipulates... it's not sympathy he wants... it's a friend. Slightly recommended.

Earth: Well, what can I say... I should have done more research. This 90 minute feature is a cut and paste of the BBC nature documentary "Planet: Earth". Watch the documentary instead. Now I understand how hard it is to make short series into a movie. 90 minutes was way too long for a topic way too big. Absolutely amazing images though. Not recommended (I do highly recommend getting the TV series).

And today, as I walked by two theaters... I had no desire to see any of it (but Star Trek... that will have to wait till PNGF is free).


chaubella said...

re: earth, yes, you should have done yoru research, mister fell asleep in the first 5 minutes =P

two theaters? you must've found your coldstone then!

shmoo said...

I had been under the impression that Earth was additional footage as part of the same project that didn't make it into Planet Earth but I luckily found out I was mistaken before I went to see it on IMAX.

Laughing Man said...

I discovered the amazing-ness of HD projectors while watching Planet Earth on Blu-Ray at my Uncle's house.