Behind enemy lines

Finally, I get to see the Red Sox play live. Last time I watched them play was in Boston where the O's idiotically took out their best pitcher with 1 out in the 9th and then their bullpen blew a 5-1 lead.

Finally, I get to see the Red Sox play the Yankees live. Last time I saw that was waaaaaaaay back in Patriots day of 2002 (I think) when I snuck out of the office at 11am to sculpt a ticket ($75?) to watch Pedro kick some Yankee butt.

Ah, but this time was going to be different. This time was at the new Yankee Stadium, the home of the evil empire, the death star...

I did all this with PNGF, who was gracious enough to endure yet another Red Sox-Yankee marathon with me in the rain. Here are some of our actual conversations:

PNGF: Why does the subway stink so much?
Josekin (in a whisper): It's the Yankee fans

PNGF: Why isn't A-Rod playing?
Josekin: He had too many steroids
PNGF: Really? That stops you from playing?

PNGF: He (Jason Varitek) is really low (Batting average)
Josekin: Yeah, but he's a good catcher
PNGF: Oh, he's a catcher? That's okay then.
Josekin: (nodding head, proud of PNGF)

We left after Jason Bay hit a 2-run HR to extend the lead to 6-3. By then it was midnight (2-hr rain delay... WTF) and I didn't want to stay long because PNGF has an early day. The Red Sox won 6-4 when Paps struck out Cano with the bases loaded. Go Sox!

By the way, the stadium is only so-so. It's big and the screens are nice... but it ultimately feels too corporate and not cozy enough like Fenway. The stadium and the 2 hour rain delay might have cost the Yankees the game. The crowd was dispersed and the noise was too low to make an impact on the game. I remember in Fenway there was always a murmur in the air... a noise that was ready to break out if the situation called for it... same thing exists in Yankee Stadium, except that the Stadium fails to capture it. Too bad for them. Sox 4, Yankees 0 for this year so far.

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