Predicting a HR

This is my second visit to the Death Star... HW got tickets so I thought why not. CC Sabathia is pitching, and he's always a wonder to watch - brings back memories of El Guapo.

Anyway, as I lined up for $11 beer, A-Roid hits a 2-run HR in the bottom of the first. Stadium cheers as I said to HW: looks like he's on today, he'll probably hit another one when the Yanks are up 10-1.

I was wrong.

A-Roid hit one all the way to the warning tracks in Center Filed with his team up 9-1. I hate being wrong. Arg.

Speaking of sports:
  • Celtics just ran out of gas; the night before game 7, I sadly mentioned that if I had to put money on it, it would be on Lakers-Magic parlay. Of course I wished for the Rockets-Celtics wins...
  • Sports Center has a top 10 #1 picks. WHERE IS TIM DUNCAN!? And why did Derrick Coleman make the list!? I'm truly baffled.
  • Between MJ and Hakeem, there was Sam Bowie; between LeBron and Melo, there was Darko Milicic; between Chris Webber and Penny Hardaway, there was Shawn Bradley; I'm just saying.
  • Watching two teams you don't care about (Yanks, O's) is difficult... I can't cheer, I can't clap, I can't do anything. But I can tell you this: Yankee fans are obessessed with Derek Jeter
  • Drunk but not too drunk guys with a performance streak in them are great for the games - there was one guy who kep yelling "Derek Jeter, I love you man!" when Jeter went to bat; same guy howled at the moon when Hideki Matsui came to bat (Godzilla is Matsui's nick name)

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