Bulls vs. Celtics

One of the things that I sorely miss but can't do anything about is watching sports. Wrong time zone, wrong channels, wrong atmosphere.

Coming to NY has coincided nicely with the NBA playoffs. Even better, my beloved Bulls are colliding with my second love Celtics! I must have had about 62 heart attacks watching this series, with 48 of them coming in game 6 when the Bulls clawed their way to triple OT win. Alas, I never watched game 7 due to a wedding. I blame myself for the Bulls final defeat... but what a fight they put up!

Some thoughts:
  • Ben Gordon's performance, while amazing, needs perspective: he's up for a new contract next season. Every shot he's taken in the last two minutes of a game gave me a heart attack. Please don't overpay him.
  • Ray Allen, on the other hand, just gives me chills. He's a cold blood assassin. Only Robert Horry has given me similar chills in the past years.
  • Vinny Del Negro cannot coach
  • Doc Rivers cannot coach in the last minute of a game - luckily, he has Ray Allen
  • Derrick Rose is absolutely ridiculous - he can go anywhere on the floor he wants, even against Rondo
  • Forgotten men: Kevin Garnnet, Luol Deng
2nd round we go. Go Celtics!

And tonight I will have a little Red Sox Yankee action if it doesn't get rained out!

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siu said...

I can't help but thinking the Celtics won't be able to make it thru second round .....

Lakers fans. hehe.