Glen "Big Baby" Davis

Oh yes I saw the winning shot... more importantly, however, did you see him shove the kid who was sitting court side, as he was celebrating? Priceless!

Celtics even the series.

By the way, Paps has too many fist pumps.


Laughing Man said...

Did you hear the kid's father is demanding an apology? Ridiculous. The guy's got courtside seats and he's bitching about a love tap.

Laughing Man said...

Also, I think it's sort of OK for closers to fist pump, but for a starting pitcher like Joba Chamberlain to fist pump ALL THE TIME it's super annoying.

Check out how Aubrey Huff mocks Chamberlain twice in this video (likely to be removed soon):

Josekin said...

Well, for Paps, he put himself in trouble first. I don't think you are allowed to celebrate getting yourself out of trouble.