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Remember I said there's never enough time to just do the things you like to do? Well, I'm trying my darn best. After going almost two years between reading books, I've started another one already.

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell: Mr. Gladwell attempts to show that innate ability (IQ) has far less to do with success than we think it does.

I'm 100 pages or so into the book, and the examples it uses is quite fascinating:
  • Smartest man in America (IQ = 195, only because they can't measure anything higher accurately - and I'm curious, how do you design these tests if you aren't the smartest in the world? Can someone with an IQ of 150 design a test that can test another with an IQ of 308?) who only reads in his home and has achieved nothing of significance (in our sense of achievement)
  • Historical examples such as Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller
  • Contemporary examples such as Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
Well... all nice and dandy... except that I already know this from my own life experiences and Freakenomics. Let's hope the next 200 pages are better.

By the way, I'm working on some food-photo journal-review-map thing.

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Kwun said...

what exactly is your "food-photo journey-review-map" thing? the NYC one?