A while ago, I saw this billboard in Times Square and complimented HP on a job well done by cross advertising with Vivienne Tam.

Yesterday, I saw another cross advertising by HP on TV. It was one of those many Microsoft Windows "You find it, you keep it" commercials where a regular person goes shopping for a PC and finds one under $1,000. This one features a nice young lady named Megan. The next commercial is where Megan talks with her friend via her newly bought PC, saying how cool it is to see herself on TV. The PC? An HP of course.

Very smart and effective, me thinks.
Here's one way not to split a bill board. The sharpest tongue, huh?

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The Pretender said...

What do you expect with E!'s budget? Regardless I'm addicted to Chelsea Lately. Definitely on my DVR.

Do you have SHOtime? SHO on Demand is now showing all 3 seasons of Dexter.