Funny People

It's been a while since I watched a movie... last night, it was a debate between Funny People and The Ugly Truth
  • Funny People sounds pretty funny on the previews. Only problem is that I'm worried that I've seen all the best jokes already
  • The Ugly Truth is clearly a chick flick. But with an R-rated rating, I was hoping for some better jokes and awkward scenes
Well, Funny People won out. And it wasn't all that funny either. It's actually a movie more about life and death and how people react to it, and jokes are inserted in between to keep the mood lighter. I'd rather have it go all the way and just make it dark. Nonetheless, the producers thought using comedians to bring out the point that death makes everybody more vulnerable and forgiving, even though deep inside nothing has changed (proven when death goes away and everything returns to normal). Interesting take. Several points:
  • Adam Sandler is getting really old. How does he not have body guards in the movie is beyond my comprehension
  • Seth Rogen is funny as usual. Rogen is quite a natural comedian and he doesn't even have to pretend (like Sandler and Carrey)
  • Why do comedians have to joke about sex and farts all the time? Aren't there other things that people can laugh about?

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