More Deli Face Off (3rd version!)

There was Katz vs. Carnegie (Katz wins hands down), there was Katz vs. Millburn (can't really compare... oh, and I'm going to Millburn again today... mmm... Sloppy Joe...), and then there's Katz vs. Carnegie vs. 2nd Ave Deli.

I've been told a few times 2nd Ave Deli is the other version of Katz... here goes:

As you can see, the hot pastrami sandwich is sliced much thinner than Katz's. The meat is just as good in terms of flavoring. However, it is not as moist and tender as the pastrami from Katz. It's also a bit smaller (and cheaper) than the Katz version. I suppose there's some merit to having thin pastrami sandwich, but I am certainly not in that camp. Fat juicy meat please!

Verdict: Katz Deli > 2nd Ave Deli > Carnegie Deli

While I'm working with food... here's a Cambodian sandwich place called Num Pang. Asian sandwiches are making a huge wave in New York City. Vietnamese Bahn Mi... Chinese pork buns... etc etc. Anyway, here's the Veal Meatball with Hoi Sin Sauce (fresh watermelon juice on the side). The meatballs were great and there was a little bit of spicy kick to it, which was nice. The sauce, however, was a bit too salty for my tastes. Next time I go I will try something else.

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The Pretender said...

The Spanish mackerel sandwich that's listed on the daily specials at Num Pang is my go-to sandwich there