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Disclaimer: when I was in Boston, I wasn't really looking for good food. I was looking for restaurants that bring back memories. So... advanced apologies if you are looking for a restaurant guide. (More pictures here)

How could I not go to Bartley's when I am in Harvard Square. I considered High-rise and Darwin's as well, but finally couldn't resist greasy burgers (Charlie's has even more greasier ones). Anyway, this you see is the Tom Werner, i.e. bacon cheddar (looks like Swiss... but it's cheddar) burger. I got it medium rare. Burger was disappointing as expected - Bartley's quality has dropped throughout the years. Closer to medium than medium rare, the burger was only slightly warm and the meat quality was merely average. The vanilla frappe, however, was very very good: smooth yet heavy in flavor.

Ah, Bartley's, I can never escape. I remember driving around Harvard Square for almost an hour looking for parking so we can go eat at Bartley's. Good times.

I can't believe this was my first time to Parish Cafe. Awesome place. They basically take good sandwich recipes from around Boston and adopt it with the original restaurant's permission. This is The Summer Shack (from the restaurant The Summer Shack), a very yummy fried cod sandwich. Light batter, fresh fish, crisp bun. Yum. Definitely coming back to this establishment.

Spicy Fried Chicken from Cafe Mami. For those of you unfamiliar, Cafe Mami is in Porter Exchange and has been the cafeteria for every single Asian student at Tufts University. And the Spicy Fried Chicken is what I got for about half the time (the other half is usually Spicy Beef Bowl and some sort of steak burger dish). The chicken is still good but a bit too big now. They need to get back to smaller chicken pieces with more tender meat. The sauce is a simple combination of mayo and thai chilly sauce, but oh the combo is so good. Cafe Mami, maybe the restaurant that I've been to the most times in my life.

I've raved about Oiishi many times. This time we went to the South End establishment, and it was a complete disaster. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating. Judge with words, not with pictures:

An interesting make of the Tamago, this one passes

Black Miso was pretty bad... no flavor, not very warm
The bad black miso was one-downed by the tempura rock shrimp. Wasn't fresh and almost cold.

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