Unintentional side effects...

One of the unintentional side effects of watching The Wire: I can't stand watching Cold Case, CSI, NYPD, NCSI, Bones, Law & Order, etc... Apparently, I've been brainwashed to think that The Wire is the most realistic portrayal of police work. Anything less would be dissatisfying.

Dang it!

Now... should I hit the play button for The Wire Season 4 Episode 1?


Laughing Man said...

Who cares. I'm kind of glad I don't waste my precious time watching those sub-par shows anymore. Even before The Wire, I'd watch some CSI, but just for laughs because of how cheesy and unrealistic it is (i.e. the wearing and removing of sunglasses, the "super zoom" used on security camera footage to identify crooks). Law & Order has some value, but the rest are quite mediocre. I was never excited to watch Cold Case or Bones, but I was dying to see the next episode of The Wire!

YES YES YES watch S4E1! DO IT NAO! Arguably the best season (except for S1 maybe)!

Faisal said...

Dammit, life has totally interrupted my Wire watching. I finished the brilliant season 3 but just haven't had time to start the next season. I must change that now.