Aquavit on Iron Chef

Last night, we caught Iron Chef America on the Food Network. And it's Chef Samuelson from Aquavit. You may recall that my experiences at Aquavit were horrendous last time, so I was quite eager to see how Chef Samuelson would do against the immortal Bobby Flay.

Well, Chef Samuelson scored a 16 out of 30 on tastes. (Flay scored a 27)

Why am I not surprised?

(By the way, why are they called Chef ABC? Are they going to call me Consultant Josekin?)


chaubella said...

i thought it was 15.

The Pretender said...

In this age of the Food Network, chefs are like doctors, hence Chef ABC like Dr. ABC. When there is a consulting network on TV I'm sure we'll start calling you Consultant Josekin.