The Wire, Season 4

My friend HW told me that this was the most spectacular TV series he has ever seen. He might be right.

Season 1 was police vs. drugs. Season 2 was police vs. port. Season 3 was police vs. drugs vs. politics vs. community. And Season 4... this is about how kids become involved with drugs. And it's a damning piece on the education system. Oh, and also the teachers, the parents, the cops, the politicians, the kids, everyone.

Man, I feel a bit depressed for them... there's a focus on the education system this time. And the whole thing is just so in-ept in educating the children that it makes me want to cry. And that's just the most minor offense. It is worse at keeping kids out of trouble because, well, the school's job is to have better test scores. Children be damned, get those numbers right!

I'm a bit conflicted about whether I recommend Season 4. It's makes for a great Michael Moore movie, I'll give The Wire that. For a TV series, man, it's just too real and depressing. Well, with that, I highly highly recommend Season 4 of The Wire. Awesome show.

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