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Before I came to the USA about 15 years ago, I've never been to a concert in my life. Then I experienced Metallica in the brand new Gillette Stadium back in 2002. There were a bunch of opening band, none of which I remember... except for Linkin Park, who were back then already electrifying. Since then, I've been a concert virgin...

... that is, until I met TF. She's a music fanatic who can name all 2000 songs on her iPod (now a Zune... Boo, I was told) within 5 seconds of the opening music. Song name, band name, album name. As they say, the rest is history:
  • My Chemical Romance - where we hung with a bunch of 15 year olds and their parents in the pit (we stood with the parents... I don't think they enjoyed the music as much as we did)
  • Peter Bjorn and John at Webster Hall - a friend bailed at the last moment so I backed up. Location acoustics sucked, but the band was good despite me knowing exactly one song. Du-du-du-du-du-du-du
  • Band of Horses at Carnegie Hall - by far the best acoustics (duh!) among all locations. TF put a bunch of their songs on my iPod a month before and I didn't know that was them until I heard the live music. I'm lukewarm with their style but the music hall more than made up for it. (The before-concert meal at Carnegie Deli, on the other hand, was downright disappointing)
  • Green Day at MSG - great atmosphere as the band got the MSG audience going for a solid two hours. We're probably a bit older than the average fan, but it was good music nonetheless. The guy next to me stunk tho - arrrrrrrrrg
  • Coldplay (along with Silversun Pickups and Echo and the Bunnyman) in All Points West - where mud happens. The outdoor place was soaked and it was nasty. The live performance was absolutely amazing - both music and energy level were great
Coldplay - the band came so near but we didn't want to move in due to the mud
  • Pet Shop Boys at Hammerstein Ballroom (Thanks, TF) - it was a good place. I knew most of the songs and the crowd was quite fun as well. I'm still a bit confused with the dancing dolls (don't ask)
Dancing buildings... these four, uh, dancers were always in action doing something silly

  • Snow Patrol at Beacon - finally, a concert where I knew most of the songs! The acoustics were okay - a bit uneven with the treble, me thinks. The band had good music but I thought the performance was so-so. We also sat the whole way, which is nice in some regards but also an indication of how the energy level was. I liked it though.
  • U2 at Giants Stadium - TF and I have been looking forward to this. They sold out Giants Stadium (capacity of 82,000!) for a day and immediately added a second day. Amazing. Anyway, U2 did not disappoint - they rocked the place and I am suffering from a sore throat now.
U2 during Unknown Caller
Only one problem... the eye sore in front of us:

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I commented that "when it's all said and done, Coldplay might be a better band than U2," which immediately drew ire from TF. Well, actually, I think in the current world of improving technology and digital music, it will be much easier for Coldplay to further develop their music... and eventually might exceed U2.

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Jonathan said...

Dude! i made a trip to Australia in Nov '06 (for my birthday) just to see U2. it was amazing... amazing