Ready? Engage!

Well... I have lots of things to blog about... but Answer First is this: I'm engaged! PNGF is now PNF! (Okay, I need a new nick name for her)

Other things that I ought to blog about but haven't had time to:
  • Renewed website at; remains hijacked by some Japanese website hosting service who wouldn't reply to my emails.
  • My trip to DC
  • My trip to Grand Canyon
  • How to buy diamonds (four weeks of research!)
  • All the food I've had (two excellent value French restaurants in nyc, heavenly donuts, ice cream in Scottsdale, secret restaurant in Grand Canyon, etc)
But yes, first things first, I'm engaged!


Extant said...


hedonist said...

Congratulations!! I need the blog on diamond buying please!

Anonymous said...


Laughing Man said...

Congratulations ELB!

I plan to buy an synthetic diamond. Do you think she'll go with that?

Catherine said...

wow, congratulations. Are you staying in NYC?