Glad I paid for (500) days of summer; Glad I didn't pay for Surrogates

Did another 2-fer today at Union Square theater, and it wasn't even my idea. Since TF (then still PNGF) got away with a 2-fer a month ago, she is no longer panicky about breaking some rules here and there. After we saw (500) Days of Summer, she actually suggested that we go see The Informant... except that the theater was playing Surrogates. Anyway, on to the movies:

(500) Days of Summer (IMDB) - cute little independent romantic comedy. I think the director wanted us to guess why "this isn't a love story" as the narrator tells us at the beginning despite showing a wedding ring and the two main characters on a bench together...
  • Maybe they called off the wedding right after?
  • Maybe she changed her mind again?
  • Maybe she was just helping friend pick the ring?
But, uh, no, I wasn't thinking that at all during the movie. I was just enjoying the little things the two were enjoying together. Nothing fancy. Just living life together and getting to know each other.

And the ending? I thought it was quite nice and very believable. I especially like how it took him 2 weeks to forget the 500 days. That's how it should be. There's a lot more to life (Are you listening, CT?) than just one person... except, uh, you, TF. =) Recommended for a light comedy.

Surrogates (IMDB): I have to admit... even I warned myself that it was going to be a dumb movie judging from the incomprehensible previews. Oh the low expectations were crushed. It was dumber than dumb - stupid really. Since I want to spare you the pain: scientist who invented device where humans use perfect robots to live lives regrets and tried to kill off those robots and the 99% of humans who use them. Bruce Willis investigates and tries to stop him using his real body rather than the robot one. He succeeds in saving all the humans... but will he save the robots too... all he has to do is press ABORT on a computer than links to the world. Uh huh. Yeah yeah. Not recommended. Willis is done. We had good times in Die Hard, didn't we? Allow me to repeat: NOT recommended. At least I didn't pay for it!

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chaubella said...

hey, we saved $175 that day... and nice save with the one person comment =)