Food you shouldn't miss

Just a few picture and places to share...

Calamari at Cookshop - one of the best I've had in years
Chocolate caramel cake at Eleven Madison Park - exquisite chocolate cake with a caramel crust; sorry I didn't take a better picture.
Pork skewers from Yakitori Totto - awesome yakitori all around, though I was a bit disappointed at the chicken knee
French Toast from Fivestar - don't miss the Churros either since the dough taste similar to the french toast
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Kwun said...

very very nice pictures! why are you focusing on just a corner of the food and not the whole thing? they all look nice though.

btw, i'm just leaving messages to let you know that i'm getting past the GFW by a VPN. wahahaha.

Josekin said...

Because seeing a part of the food evokes more emotional response than the whole plate... in my opinion.