Lucky dumbass

Today, TF and I went to Bubby's (Yelp) in Tribeca for brunch. When we arrived, a nasty sign was hung outside: "Sorry for the inconvenience, cash only today".

Citibank was nearby:
  • First machine: wrong password
  • Second machine: wrong password
  • Third machine: wrong password
Frustrated, I went back to the restaurant. We then learned from the hostess that there's an ATM in the family market across the street. Excellent:
  • I asked for $60... but only $20 came out! WTF!?
  • Receipt comes out: it says $0 were dispensed
  • As I put my failing card back in the wallet... oh, that's my CREDIT CARD!?
So I stuck my debit card in and got $60... plus the $20 that someone left in the ATM. The lesson, as usual: I might be a dumbass, but I'm a lucky dumbass!

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Jenn said...

Isn't it bad luck to keep "found money?" You should ask TF about the time her LS found $100 on the floor at Kmart and subsequently cracked her collar bone.