Managing photographs

Since I learned how to use Adobe Lightroom, I've been MUCH MORE efficient in handling my photographs. (Sorry, I didn't know how else to emphasize that)

It's not as convenient as Picasa, but LR gives you excellent control over how you move them along the assembly line:
  • Picking which photos: especially with digital photogrpahy, this becomes infinitely important. Quick star ratings, color coding, and flagging puts LR waaaaaaay ahead
  • Cropping: the fact that you can create copies of a picture and then crop it different ways to compare and contrast is great...
  • Editing and finishing touches: It isn't as powerful as Photoshop, but the key functions are there and the add-ons are headed towards that direction. LR will soon be the photoshop for photographers only
Overall, it just makes going through 1000 pictures from the Grand Canyon much easier (Albums for GC and Sedona).

However, TF doesn't like LR quite that much because it's slower (I think its her computer) and not as user-friendly (not many automatic things compared to Picasa). I finally gave up and had her using Picasa again. And then Picasa came up with 3.5 yesterday.

I'm testing it out right now and boy is it a powerful photo software. If it has some sort of rating and filtering mechanism, I think it'll be a preferred software for the most amateur photographers. Among the functions:
  • Face recognition and auto-synch with your Gmail address book
  • Auto-synch if you upload those pictures
  • Geo tagging
  • One touch editing
Good software. But with some glitches:
  • It tagged Statue of Liberty and Mona Lisa
  • It suggested that my former manager was me
  • It suggested that a fomer colleague is TF (She's not amused)
  • It suggested that some 50 pictures of various old men were my college buddy PF (ha!)

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