Thoughts from US Open

Oh, so you don't really need tickets to go see the US Open! You can walk right up to the outer courts and watch them play right in front of you (and the rest of the crowd). I stood maybe 20 feet away from the gorgeous Daniela Hantuchova as she served. Alas, dinner was waiting, so no pictures were taken. Oh well. Hm... maybe tomorrow I can head to Flushing again!

We watched Roger Federer and Serena Williams destroy their opponents. While Serena simply overpowered her weaker opponent, Federer won with precision and strategy. Allow me to describe one of the plays:
  • Federer was forced to his backhand side by opponent's two handed top spin backhand. Slice return. Slice return. Slice return. Slice return.
  • Opponent's return slightly shallower than before. Federer jumps over it with a top spin return
  • Opponent caught off guard by the sudden change in speed. Bad return. Federer jumps again with a forehand winner to the opposite corner
Just beautiful defensive tennis followed by a quick change in pace, gear, power, and momentum to win a point.

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