Movies - Inglorious Bastards... and, uh, The Break Up

Inglorious Bastards (IMDB) - Interesting movie by Tarantino about Nazi hunting parties. Many parts of the movie are taken straight out of the Kill Bill movies, all the way down to the music.

Several scenes I thought were worth going over again.
  • In the first 20 minutes: Jew hunter Nazi Hans Landa (more on him later) vs. "we're in the Nazi killing business, and business is booming" Aldo Raine
Both are ruthless in their missions. Both are very good at their jobs. Both are slightly crazy - as in they've thrown away human decency because that's what the job requires. Tarantino does the same thing as he did in Kill Bill. You start off being very angry at the Nazis at their cruelty... then you laugh and agree with the same cruelty Brat Pitt and crew exhibit. Who's right? Who's wrong?
  • At the end of the movie: Nazi soldier turned star actor Fredrick Zoller vs. The Bear Jew Donny Donowitz - both slaughtering their targets
The Nazi (German??) sniper is doing his job by shooting all who run at his direction. While watching his own premier, he is disgusted with the brutality of all the killings. Meanwhile, Allied soldiers have their machine guns and shoot at anything that's moving (and then some that aren't) - yeah, they're mostly Nazi high command... and their innocent significant others.
  • Surviving Jewish turned French theater owner Shosanna Dreyfus vs... well, no one in particular.
Well, on one hand, you sympathize with Shosanna and her quest for revenge... and on the other hand, you quiver in her madness at the end of the premier.
  • Hans Landa vs. German actreee Bridget von Hammersmark
Didn't they both want the same thing? An opportunity to survive the inevitable fall of the Nazis. Both found an opportunity drop in their laps (von Hammersmark from learning about the change in theater and her access to it; Landa from learning about von Hammersmark's plans) and used it. Landa, in particular, is stone cold in calculating what he could do with the information that he's picked up with a shoe.

I read somewhere Landa was one of the all-time villains played on screen. I agree. The man is pure evil yet there's something to be admired in the way he approaches his job. Amazing job by the German actor Christoph Waltz. Even TF (PNGF's new name) was impressed!

Recommended... it's a little bit off beat some times, and I definitely didn't enjoy it as much as I did Kill Bill

(Oh, and yeah, we watched The Break Up together as our first movie since engagement. Needless to say, I don't recommend the movie. The ending, however, was a nice touch.)


shmoo said...

Are you ready yet to reveal the meanings of JVBF and PNGF? I think I got TF.

chaubella said...

shmoo, the cat's out of the bag. we can tell you offline.