Depth of Field Assignment

Depth of field is basically how much area near your subject remains in focus. This assignment is for us to understand the use of f-stops. I didn't really understand the assignment until after I submitted it. At least I knew afterwards. I did this exercise in HPC. There's much more to the the HPC than the Winter Garden, as I found out.

This is a picture with shallow depth of field. Only the first ball is in focus. As you can see, the focus was not on the number, due to my lack of experience. I used auto focus, which finds the contrast points; in this case, it was the edge of the first ball and the darker table. Should have used manual. Other feedback included using a larger f-stop and probably better arrangement of the balls. The background on top was distracting.

Lonely student walking across the deserted Winter Garden. I snapped this picture quickly without much thought since the person was going to get out of the center soon. Hence the composition was a little odd. The GSB flag was cut off and the reflection (I like not having the whole body reflected) was unintentional. Feedback included the nice symmetry of the furniture that led the eyes to the subject. This picture, however, missed the assignment objective. I wanted to show deep depth of field, but could only think of taking pictures at a distant to create it.

The sofa shot is my favorite. I like the contours created within the picture from the sofa and the staircase behind it. I actually knelt there for a while to try and get a good angle. I think this one is pretty good. Good contrast with the wood and sofa. Feedback was quite positive... mostly on the subtle lines that run through the picture. There was some overexposure on the sun reflection.

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