GSB Rumor Mills

GSB rumor mills are always fun. Obviously there's the Big V rumor since the start of the school year. I was probably one of the last to know so there was no guessing involved. The latest rumor of a person getting arrested after the Winter Formal, however, has taken a life of its own. In our marketing channel study group, we started to list clues of who the person might be. So much for studying. Today at DimSum, we were discussing the various stories that happened. So far, I've heard consistent descriptions of the person and different versions of what happened. As a result, we've commissioned BlogSat to investigate. I expect a SOAR analysis.

Anyway, some random thoughts:

Heat is an awesome movie and Robert De Niro is really good. Oh, and the federal agent in Prison Break and President Palmer in 24 is also in Heat. It's on TNT, I can't help it. Good stuff. I've posted about 24 before here and here. Prison Break will deserve its own post soon.

Shmoo's comments on me having TWO smoking hot dates solicited a comment from one of the two smoking hot dates. Either she's oblivious to the fact that she's smoking hot or she's oblivious to the fact that she was hanging out with me for a long time... or she's silly. Actually, the more I think about it, she's just oblivious in general. haha.

We seek advice from all sorts of friends all the time. Questions on career, academic, relationships, family, friends, etc etc. How serious should one take advice from other people? I'm thinking this because, one, I give advice all the time and I find myself wondering whether people take my advice seriously, and, two, I have been the subject of advice lately and I find those advices sometimes questionable and hurtful. Which circles back to the advice I give people: maybe I give advice that hurts others too.

Or... I just think too much.


Anonymous said...

dude I'm quite sure that it was because she didn't think she's your date.

- R2

sindy said...

now my advice to you is to just think about what to eat tomorrow night. some *thing* smoking hot perhaps -- it's gonna be cold!