V Day Special: Thoughts from Classes

I'm not sure if my recent deep thought mode is a function of free time or of inspirations from classes. I would like to believe that it's the latter. After all, I did spend $4,000 per class at the GSB, damn it. Anyway, here's my fake proof (to myself, really) that it's worth the ticket price.

A couple of days ago, I had an epiphany on why I will be single on Valentines Day (don't fall into the Capitalist trap!): funny Eric is what people come to like... but intense Eric is a bit much given the contrast. Just keep this in mind for a while...

Tuesday night was photography class on portraits. The assignment was to pick a picture that most represented the subject, who was a stranger to the photographer, and one that least represented the subject. Everybody in class would see the photo and answer the question "What does this picture say about this person?". Apparently, the three pictures of me represent many different characters and emotions. The enthusiastic and passionate Eric was the one I liked the most. The relaxed and easy going one was the one my photographer liked the best. In as simple a thing as a photograph, the different sides of me are actually quite evident.

Wednesday morning was Business Policy, which I talked about a lot in prior posts. The class was about creativity and how to harness it. But the part I liked the most is the theater of characters. Basically, you have five different sets of personalities: one that you show to the audience, one that you are uncomfortable showing to the audience, one that you don't show to the audience, one that the audience sees but you don't, and one that nobody knows about, not even yourself. Very inspiring for me. Perhaps by thinking about this more, I can "solve" my epiphany.

Anyway, that's about it for classes. I had a nice V-day get together with single people at the GSB. I sat there and thought that this is what business school is all about. Know your friends better and have a good time. We went through many interesting topics, including whom from our current class would you want to have dinner with in 20 years, whom you buy stock in, the new marketing campaign at the GSB, is love a feeling or experience, are student leaders self serving, would you rather have Bush (he went to HBS by the way) as a classmate or someone who is a true business school student, among others...

Was this a function of being single on Valentines Day? Or was it just a natural step in my maturation as a person? I don't know. But I do know this: the coincidental collision between my epiphany, two subsequent classes, and one night of conversation has helped me grow in the last 48 hours.

Oh well, while I'm on the virtue and worth of classes: The New Venture Lab class that I am auditing has three entrepreneur speakers... rather than describing my feelings, I thought two pictures would tell the whole story of entrepreneurs. (yes, I'm lazy)


Satyajeet said...

Yeah, I really liked that business policy class as well.

Anonymous said...

i personally think the intense RK rounds out the funny RK. sorry to rain on your epiphany, but must be something else =P

Anonymous said...

mmm, i forgot to mention the enthusiastic and passionate Eric. i didn't really see that in your photos though. fake...

i don't think people dislike (or afraid of?) the intense Eric. why do you often think that way?

Kyuyean said...

Hey, Eric. Good news~
I like both funny Eric and intense Eric. Funny Eric makes me smile and happy. Intense Eric causes me to think a lot, often leading to another thinking step or improvement.
Plus, you have or might have more Erics, known or unknown. I would enjoy seeing different Erics. :)
I also love the business policy class. That creativity lecture was the most favorite one so far.

From funny-but-not-so-funny Kay.