Shutter Speed Assignment

This is from our first photo assignment, which was to freeze motion and allow motion.

This is a picture from Cultural LPF at the GSB. Japanese students took lead in cultural LPF and did mochi pounding, traditionally done during new year celebrations.

I can't remember who was pounding it, but I do remember I deliberately avoided the person and focused on the real action.

Feedback (my favorite part of photo class, only because there are so many subtleties that I as the photographer don't even notice. But the critic's eye is much sharper): a bit far from the action since the hammer draws the attention yet it is small in the picture, or a bit too close for the audience cannot see the context of the action or the subject making the action, difficult to understand the story behind the photograph unless explained. Water bucket on the left a bit distracting.

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This is the picture that freezes motion. Personally, I didn't like this picture very much. Too much space, especially at the bottom. If I could get close the lower to take the picture, I would have. Feedback: the columns on the side compliment the picture a lot; I honestly cannot remember whether that was intentional, but it's gotta be since it fills the frame nicely. With everything straight in the background, the subject being tilted helps it stand out. Contrast is nice.

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