The Fortune Cookie says...

"An intriguing new romantic interest cheers you up."

Amen. Just in time for speed dating, Valentines Day, and Winter Formal. Yay!

And since first years are turning the Winter Garden into the hub of stress, I recall one of my favorite posts. And if you are a first year reading this, it's all true.


w said...

so does it mean sthg's happening?? happy v-day & kung hey fat choy! just wanna say hi and i'm still reading ur posts! ~Dr King

Anonymous said...

But did it say this is YOUR intriguing new romantic interest? HoHo.

- R2

shmoo said...

She's right! It could be MY intriguing new romantic interest and either:

a) She cheers you up directly somehow (hopefully somehow that doesn't make me upset).

b) You're just cheered knowing I have a new romantic interest.

The question is, do I have a new romantic interest?