Looking Ahead

Here are some of the latest comments I've received on my blog:
"Your blog has become a food blog...!"
"Who are your dates? Send me a picture!"
"Are you still studying at Chicago?"

The answer to the last is "yes". And I'm looking ahead for the next few weeks and feeling the big hurt: 14-pager of personal strategy (don't ask, I don't know) that counts for 40% of my grade, a take home final that's worth 50%, two marketing projects together worth 40%, and the new venture lab class that I am auditing, of which I hold a responsibility to my teammates.

Not good times. I don't know what exactly happened this quarter; I've been very busy all the time but not very stressed out. Perhaps the stress will come in a few days.

I like most of my classes this quarter. The audit New Venture Lab has been very rewarding, albeit a little discouraging when I learn more about our entrepreneur's business. The marketing channel class has potential if the class time was halved and more advance issues are discussed. The private equity class has opened new windows for me... and also opened windows for a potential C.

I have mixed feelings for the Business Policy class: for the most part, this is the most inspiring class I've taken at the GSB; at times, I feel that the class is a drag. It's inspiring because Professor Davis seeks to provoke thought. His methods are a bit unconventional (including listening to a Jazz band perform improv to teach creativity) but entertaining. If you listen carefully and keep linking his lectures to your life experiences, you will find more meaning in your life and hopefully help you be more aware of your own adventures.

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