She who makes dessert

is the greatest classmate. And I apologize (please keep inviting me for the next dessert tasting) for forgetting to put that in the food review:

Rose shaped chocolate cake

Dessert platter with the above, banana sponge cake, and strawberry shortcake

Dessert platter again with creme brulee (my favorite), apple pie, and chocolate mousse cake

Someone asked me what is the most important take away from school. I say people, especially she who makes dessert. =)

Another restaurant I left out was Heaven on Seven. If you go with a party of six or more, you should definitely try the Slices of Heaven, consisting of eight different desserts from the restaurant, including pecan pie (another Josekin favorite), chocolate pecan pie, peanut butter pie, creme brulee, mud pie, some coconut thingy (not a big fan), and others I have now forgotten about.

This week I'm heading to Gibson's... their desserts are HUGE. Last time we had the turtle pie (one of my all time favorites, right behind Shula's creme brulee) and the six of us couldn't finish the dish.

Anyway... she who makes dessert is the best classmate. I will not return to private equity homework... with a very empty stomach.


sindy said...

dude your blog is turning into a food blog! i count on you to come up with something great next monday for dinner.

shmoo said...


You gotta invite me to more of your meals.

MZ said...

when are you going?

cl said...

agreed! she is the BEST!!! and for many other reasons as well. =) btw, where are the pictures of the japanese dishes?

Josekin said...

I know... this has become a food blog... only because I've been feeling hungry during class. Must get back to serious stuff. By the way, it's a dessert theme blog post, so that's that.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your dinner at Gibson's, wish we can go again some day. :)

I miss the turtle pie too... drooling.

- R2

Anonymous said...

BTW, are these Japanese style dessert? :-P Drooling...

- R2