Provoking thoughts

First years are finally starting their recruiting and have managed to transform the Winter Garden into a hub of stress. Back to the post.

People in Business Policy have mixed feelings about the class. On one hand, you have me who loved The Alchemist.... and these people who left comments; on the other hand, you have the others who left different comment.

A bit more on The Alchemist. I've gotten quite a few emails and responses about it... mostly on how the book doesn't tell you how to identify a dream. I might be repeating myself here, but I don't think anyone can teach you what your dream is. You are the sole owner of the dream even if it's not apparent to you. And even if you don't know (yet), your decisions in life (presumably to maximize your utility) are implicitly directing you towards a dream. The Alchemist would argue that sooner or later the dream will become apparent.

Anyway, back to the class. Today's topic was twofold: first is how theories and stories are related and second is some stories of leaderships. I don't want to give the class away, but Davis' class has really provoked thoughts. Today, for example, I felt a rush when he started talking about showing vulnerability during a story to convey genuineness. I felt another rush when I watch the film clip on how a conductor gets the choir to work as one team.

Sort of like how I reacted when I read this Poweryogi post.

Sort of like how I reacted when my photography class started critiques of pictures I took.

Life, after all, is more than just classes and student organizations and rankings and recruiting.

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