Double Dipping Movies again

I love AMC River East. I don't even feel remotely bad by double dipping in this theater. There's no guard against whatsoever and people are just roaming along. I hope they don't read this blog. Or... you could make a pretty good business case that this would attract movie goers to this theater because of the possible double viewing. Since theaters make money on concessions and not the movie ticket itself, they don't really care at all. Theaters just want you there for as long as possible so you can buy stuff to eat and drink. In fact, I'm pretty sure this is the case and all theaters should relax restrictions. Have I ever mentioned that I have a perfect way of catching double dippers...? Yet I digress.

Zodiac: I walked out of the movie slightly unsatisfied because (spoiler alert!!!) the crime remained unsolved. It's like a 3 hour law and order episode that has one of those ambiguous endings. Anyway, performances were quite good, and I do miss Goose (Top Gun). I haven't decided if I can recommend this movie. I say it's pretty good if you have the right expectations going in. I expected a crime thriller with some dramatic climax that reveals the real killer. No such thing. Quite a mellow movie, really.

Namesake: I just wanted to say first that I can't really imagine Kumar being in any other character. And that was that. Uh, the theater was filled with Indian parents with their own teenagers. EK and I fit in nicely as minorities. Anyway, I hope the book was much better than the movie. The movie is about people finding their paths; but sadly, it fails completely in convincing me of anything. In fact, the movie left me hanging at many points where the characters just move on and there wasn't any substance that developed. Maybe this is because I can't relate...? Not recommended.


Satyajeet said...

I concur on both movies.
Also the double dipping.

shmoo said...

EK = shmoo

Don't confuse your readers by changing character names! :)

Josekin said...

My bad, shmoo, my bad