Eric also goes to White Castle

Hey, in my defense:
1. I have never been to White Castle
2. I just saw Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
3. It was my first time watching Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle
4. It's finals week...
5. Did I mention it was also the first time I saw Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle?

Anyway, the burgers were disgusting. But the experience was good. And this might be the first time I've developed a craving while watching TV.

Also on the plate in the past few days were:

West Egg: can't beat greasy and oily brunch. Country Fried Steak and Grabowski are highly recommended. By the way, they have grapefruit juice too, so your entire sober up package is here.

Indian Garden: AS has been recommending this place since the start of the school year... uh... I mean start of LAST school year. I finally went with Shmoo, PP, IMa and his wife Elena. It was good. Rare in that it was Indian food that didn't put me to sleep. The Poori is highly recommended!

Sola: I'll let the pictures speak for themselves... this place beats Erwin's brunch. Plus there was plenty of light to take decent pictures. The waiters were freaking tall though.

French toast with marble sauce
White chocolate bread pudding

My dad called this morning and asked about my eating habits. I guess he's been seeing all these eating out pictures that he's getting worried. No worries, dad, I'm just not taking pictures of:
1. Instant noodles
2. Chuncky soup
3. 45 different forms of dumplings
4. Microwave dinner
5. BnJ pints

By the way, I just found out that Google Talk can be used to place pretty good calls to others who also use Google Talk. If you use Google's chat program within Gmail, you won't have this function. Anyway, fun stuff. Use it.

Back to finals. Arg. I had a very elaborate dream about going to Mexico and having my camera stolen. Not good times. I recovered it in my dreams, but still...


Anonymous said...

Indian Garden? The one on Ontario? R u kidding me??? Will downgrade the rating of your food reviews lah...

- R2

Satyajeet said...

U just saw H&K go to WhiteCastle! tsk, tsk... I loved that movie.
Saw it in the theatre, and I can't remember the last movie I saw where everyone in the theatre was laughing that hard.

Huckle Cat said...

that's funny...I just added H&K to my Netflix queue because RHBF has never seen it.

I too thought I should visit White Castle the first time I watched it...boy was I wrong.

Le Voyageur said...

Time to go check out Sola. Though I'm not a sweet breakfast eater, so I'll have to see how I feel about their savory offerings.

shmoo said...

Oh, is that why RH and YPW got grapefruit juice?

I've never seen H&K, but your talking about going to White Castle reminds me that I have to hit up the Billy Goat at some point before I leave.

Anonymous said...

Recommended Sola to CL a LOOOOOONG time ago! Finally went? Their creme bruleed oatmeal is the BEST in the world. Too fantastic. - JL (NOT JN! Damn it CL get it right)

meghaks said...

LOVE H&K... LOVE IT! Definitely watch it! I've put Sola on top of my list, based on your pictures,and will go as soon as I get back -- better than Bongo Room? I was not impressed by Erwin's even though I know this is LV's fav place.

buxi said...

mmm, dont put that photos on a blog. i am on a diet :PPPP
kisses from Portugal!