Spring Quarter, First Week

It's nice to see everybody back from abroad, including the elusive Meghaks and BSLW. Now Spring quarter begins. I can't even imagine how much slacking I can do...

After Power & Influence on Monday, I had Managing in Organizations on Tuesday morning. Epley is a high energy guy who will jump into the lecture seats and then back to behind his computer. Like other OB classes, I can't really pin point as to exactly what is being taught. haha. Just kidding... the class tries to bridge the difference between what one should do and what one actually does. Since there is a difference between the two, it is essential that one understands the reasons behind the difference and correct it if one can.

I audited Thaler's class at night. For non-GSBers, Dick Thaler's class is the most demanded class at the GSB. His first class was a disappointment... perhaps because I've heard most of the concepts before. I will give him one more chance.

Wednesday I don't have class, but I was still on campus to present to OMSA on how the Dim Sum Sake Tasting Festival went and prepare for Hong Kong Commissioner's visit to the GSB. Both went quite well.

Thursday was the killer day to end the week (no class on Friday).

Pricing's Dube drank WAY too much coffee before he came to class. He speaks too loud, too fast, and too much. Oh wait... that's not coffee. That's how he usually behaves. I'm pretty sure the class was lost at a few moments on insignificant points and we kept spinning in circles trying o answer a simple question. Anyway, I'm a firm believer that the professor makes all the difference. Dube is enthusiastic so I have hope.

Strategy and Structure promises to be a pretty good class. I have yet another semi-crazy professor in Bothner. The class is of course about strategy and how to determine strategy for a company given the situation (yup, sounds strangely like OB classes!). The contents of the class is pretty good, but the best part is when Bothner manages the case discussion. He snaps and he yaps at answers that aren't good, then may or may not insult you. Semi-correct answers and acknowledged and then dismissed. Correct answers allow the class to move on. No extra answers, no extra bullshit. My favorite.

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