Last GSB Quarter

It's sad to start the Spring quarter.

Here's the schedule:
Monday afternoon - Power and Influence with Menon
Tuesday morning - Managing in Organizations with Epley
Thursday afternoon - Pricing with Dube
Thursday night - Strategy and Structure with Bothner

So it should be a very promising quarter. Today's P&I class was pretty good. There was a decent discussion on how to correctly measure and view power. Also, a particular interesting topic that came up is hard skills vs. soft skills. Despite GSB's reputation for being hardcore on the hard skills, I've always been a believer of the acquisition of both types of skills. GSB indeed gives us a very solid background in hard skills and has less respect for softer skills. However, hard skills can only get you so far... the higher up you go, the more people you will deal with, and the more soft skills you'll need.

So P&I will be a soft class. =) Good.

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Anonymous said...

hehe, couldn't believe that my classes are even softer than yours.

- R2