Multiple Reviews on Everything!

So much to review... starting with all the work I faced, as discussed previously.

Personal Strategy: well, at least I kept my promise in doing some actual work. It's about 90% complete. I went through multiple versions and I think I have finally found the correct formula.

Marketing Channels: a mess to be cleaned up... and will be. I'm going to learn more about team dynamics and labor division than marketing channels from this project.

Orion's Mind: seems like the team is getting things together. Let's see how our audience will react to our proposals.

Private Equity Finance: yup, still open to a C... and it still puts the big fear (and hurt) in me.

Black Snake Moan: for those in the US, you may have seen those weird commercials with Sam L Jackson chains Christina Ricci. Well, I got to see the 2 hour version of it... with added bonus of watching Justin Timberlake act like a whimp... and uh... a very naked Christina Ricci. Anyway, I won't spoil the movie for you, but I liked it quite well. Not because of the nudity, but the simple premise of the movie.

PJ Clarke: it's just a sports bar. But the ribs were pretty good and, my god, the ice cream cookie was to die for.

Blue Water Grill: dinner on Sunday night was at the surprisingly tranquil Blue Water Grill. The Sea Bass was excellent. The Mahi Mahi was okay, though the Shiitake mushrooms more than made up for it. Dessert was a donut hole with molten chocolate inside and you dip it in vanilla sauce. Something called the lollipop... awesome.

Gibson's: this old school steakhouse never disappoints. I had the Chicago Cut and Pecan Pie for dessert. The Cut was a very juicy steak though there were sections of fat that was a bit disappointing. I guess you can't avoid those. One of the best done medium rares though, which I would argue as a lost art in steakhouses - too often than not they get too safe and over cook the meat.

Chinatown restaurant: why would I even credit them with a review. The new "Taiwanese" restaurant disappointed badly. I'm going to stick with Joy Yee's and Keung Kee.

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