Food vs. Work

Regardless of the work that I was facing, I went to De La Costa for some fine dining with a friend (Here's a prior review). Excellent stuff.

The restaurant has a very good ambiance and the food was great. Last time I went was limited to appetizers and tapas. This time we had the steakentre which was a good surprise. The dessert (some strawberry soufflé + chocolate mousse + avocado ice cream) was good and each separate item complimented each other very well. Too bad my pictures were very good.

Naturally, I have made no progress in any of my homework. Oh well. This entire week is going to be food dominated, ending with (hopefully) Gibson's on Monday night. Can't wait. Yup, and on the work front, I hope to get started on my personal strategy paper. I have a good idea on what exactly I want to write... so I guess that means I have no excuse to not make progress this week! Had a really rough class in photography - it felt like Corp Fin.

Anyway, here are some pictures to tickle your palate.

Hamachi Cerviche

Uruguarian Steak with Tempura Green Beans

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