Marketing = Cult

So right now, I'm sitting in my marketing channel class, and it's showing a DVD clip about how marketing has changed... into a cult. It's no longer just an ad or a product. It's a life style and experience.

They then showed "cult members". Started with Falun Gong member and ended with Mac users. They were talking in the same wavelength though. Scary.

Okay, back to class.


shmoo said...

That's why Apple fans scare me. In a marketing class last year, the professor (one you've had for a different course) put up a picture of a Sony mp3 player and basically said "Sony owned this market [portable music] but this was the best they could come up with? Pretty pathetic." When I asked him what was pathetic (basically insinuating that he disliked it because it didn't look like an iPod) his only defense was "it's just my opinion".

And that's just one of many examples I've observed of Apple's brainwashing.

pp said...

I saw u take several naps in that class, hiahia ~o~

Josekin said...

I was not napping. I was blogging.

Anonymous said...

I am anti-Apple (or at least anti-iPod, after my designer friend told me how Mac meant to him), that's why I own a Creative MP4 player. :P