Why not Hyde Park?

Here's why:

0800: just woke up... must finish both hand in finals before 4 today...
1000: two loops of ESPN, arg, time to head to campus to be efficient
1020: arrived safely in Hyde Park after following a slow Volvo for a frustrating long time (i.e. 5 seconds)
1030: settled into the Winter Garden, putting finishing touches on Mary Kay (Marketing channels)
1035: HB wanders over for a short chat
1050: CL wanders over for a short chat
1130: lunch at Noodles... their Singaporean noodles were okay and the Thai Ice Tea was pretty good
1230: back in HPC Winter Garden, continue Project Dial Tone case (Private Equity)
100: friend #1 comes over for a chat
110: friend #2 comes over for a chat
200: friend #3 comes over for a chat
215: Must study, move to student lounge
330: Done with case, print to hand in
520: Back in downtown
600: feeling empty and bored
601: nap
800: cook dinner... mmm... curry...
900: food coma
945: spotted friend on MSN, checked movie times, ask if she wants to see movie
955: agree on movie - The Last King of Scotland, showing at AMC River East at 10pm
1000: leave Columbus Plaza to head to the theaters
1008: arrive at theaters
1010: sit in comfy seats, previews just ended, movie starts (review later)

Yup, that's why I live downtown. It's close enough to Hyde Park (sounding scarily similar to 害怕k...). There are GSBers living around downtown. And... I could get a movie crew going in 15 minutes. We left Columbus Plaza at the movie start time and still made it in time! This would never happen in HP.

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shmoo said...

Okay, this must've been yesterday, since it's not even 8 yet.