Post Final Syndrome

It's fitting that St. Patty's day fell right after finals. I watched them dye the Chicago river green at 11am on Saturday, very cool. From my apartment, I can also see everybody carrying a drink. 11am! Anyway, I ended the day at a salsa club with way too much alcohol in my system. Just in time for Cozumel, I say!

Reviews that are due:

The Last King of Scotland - great movie. Forest Whitaker won a best actor award in it. The Scot in the movie isn't bad either. Walking out of the theater, I struggled to find what was so good about the movie. Maybe it's the development of the Scottish kid. Starting as a brash, confident, naive kid, he left Africa as the complete opposite.

Coco Pazzo Cafe - great Italian food. I ordered a very salty meat dish... but the clam linguine smelled great (garlic always does the job) and was very tasty as well. Dessert, as usual, is my weakness and was very good.

Aria - this nice restaurant is tucked away right next to Columbus Plaza. The bar was really cool and I hope to visit it some time. Anyway, the food at Aria was okay. It's international fusion food, which should always raise some alarms. Oh well. The veal shank wasn't bad with masala. It wasn't great either. The atmosphere at the restaurant was great though, and the service was very good. Our waiter was quite lively and seemed ready to sing and dance. But... most important of all, I didn't bring my camera. Arg.

Goro-san - this man can cook.


hedonist said...

Okay, I think now I realize what is going on. All these fancy have been going on dates!!! hahhaha :P

Anonymous said...


CL said...

hey there, i think this would've been a better shadow shot for your photo assignment. =) send me the pic!

Josekin said...

Hedonist... you're very perceptive... though I really think it's a function of free time and lack of self control.

Anonymous, the development is indeed a sudden switch, which I thought was common with people who are usually overconfident. Their world falls apart much quicker than others. I liked that part of the movie very well. You could see how the Scot was blinded by charm even when the Dictator showed some craziness (like how he is angry after the car crash, how he makes fun of his ministers).

CL, the picture isn't that great. Framing and composition wise it was bad. Pictures from your apt would have been much much better.