The End is Here

I need to vent: a ride on the London Tube is FOUR POUNDS. That's how much I spent on public transportation in Budapest for A WEEK. FOUR POUNDS! I'm still in disbelief.

Back to the post. Today is the end of many things:
  • My MBA... in a way, the summer is a continuation of the MBA
  • My European odyssey (France updated, by the way...)
  • My summer, which also included South America
  • And... My 12 years in the US; wow, I can't believe I just said that
Perhaps it is fitting that the following conversation took place at the business class counter for Oasis, yet another low cost airline:

Backpacker: Hi, I'm checking in for the flight to Hong Kong?
Counter lady: Are you flying business class?
Backpacker: This is the line for business class, and I am lining up here... why are you asking me that? Just because I have a big pack on my back and a small pack in my front doesn't mean I can't fly business class, right? Your airline is dirt cheap even for business class. In fact, I want to ask you something... do you have flight attendants? What about food? Are they paying you enough to be courteous?

Okay... I just said "yes" and bit the tongue. Actually, Oasis is quite decent. Aside from the all-male flight attendant in business class (!!??), everything was acceptable.

Oasis at Gatwick

It's good to be back in Hong Kong... 33 degrees (98 for my American friends). And a Shanghai restaurant satisfied my 3 month crave for Chinese food.

Now I need to get my life back to normal.


SloopJohnBSLW said...

Welcome back to HKG! you will soon be joining me on the dark side. . .

shmoo said...

Only a three month craving? That implies you actually got Chinese food in Chicago! :)

Josekin said...

I did. I don't eat sushi in Chicago, that's all. And White Castle.