Loire Valley

After a few days in Paris, the Loire Valley is a welcoming break. It's nothing against the city o Paris; rather, it's a reflection of how relaxing the French country side can be (I will be in Avignon tomorrow, which I am sorely looking forward to). As I mentioned before, HdN's chateau is ridiculously large. The building dates back to the French Revolution (1789) when it was attacked and burnt down by peasants seeking to overthrow anything that looked aristocratic. So, yes, I slept on a bed that was older - 220 years! - than the USA and Hong Kong.

The weekend was just ultra relaxing with all us GSBers waking up whenever we wanted, had breakfast at 11, afternoon leisure activities, lunch at 5, "afternoon" naps and other leisurely activities, dinner at 11, bullshiting till 1, and then going to sleep.

Although pictures don't do justice, here's HdN's chateau:

Picnics are always nice - with a lot of champaign, wine, and food:

The aftermath of a midnight outdoor dinner, accompanied by stars:

Sunset in Loire Valley:


Vin said...

Couldn't agree more. Good food, great wine and tremendous company -- loved it! Good traveling with you dude. Have fun in Avignon (you might catch the street fest) & Marseille.

Henri said...

hey guys the place was not burned down by peasants! The Loire valley was royalist, republicans sent from Paris did the job (and did not burn it totally)...
Was great to have you hope you will come back!

shmoo said...

Wait, the US is 231 years old...