Habitat for Humanities

Here are some pictures on the work progress... we are working on a house in Csurgo (4 hours from Budapest, 12 km from Croatia on the southwest of Hungary) for two families.

Before we started, none of the walls or ceilings had insulation. It was basically a house with barebones.

So we filled it with insulation material... in about a day.

After insulation, it was putting the sheet rocks on the ceiling and also around the columns for fire protection and also keeping the insulation in place. This process took considerably longer:

On the last day, the families all got together to thank us. While I would like to think that I have impacted others positively before, it doesn't get any more touching than two families of four actually telling you that you have helped them to a better life. I've never felt my actions so impactful.

Today is my last day of true travels. I spent the day roaming Budapest by myself and ended it fittingly: nutella crepes and night photography. I think I have some great shots to share. Stay tuned. Tomorrow, I will fly from Budapest to Hong Kong via an 8 hour layover over two airports in London, where I will also meet up with an old friend FW for tea. I can't wait for Asian food.

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shmoo said...

And so the dream is over. Good luck.

I went to the AGSF summer party, a Napa Valley winery tour, yesterday. Then we went out after too. I wasn't feeling too well by the time I got home, let me tell you.