The End of My Travels... almost

I consider Budapest the last stop in my travels, although technically I am still running around Hungary exploring the place. Habitat for Humanties will start and I will be required to get up at a certain time to do certain things (other than catching a bus or a train). That doesn't sound like a vacation any more, does it?

Nonetheless, HfH will still provide activities (including a day off) for us to explore the nearby attractions. So it's almost The End. My travel log says day 47... even I'm amazed. That's 47 days without Chinese food, without Asian food. Wow. I've already did some laboring today. Will report on the gradual end of my vacation soon enough.

Here are some pictures from Budapest, which is quite an amazing city. It's quite romantic, as you can see from the Chained Bridge at night:

There are also Hungarian Baths which are very good in relaxing the body...

They use a lot of chili to spice their food up... which means you will always be having spicy meat. Veggies are unheard of in Hungary, besides cucumbers and cabbage...

And finally, I had the luck to see the air show practice... where the crowd was manageable and the show is just like the real thing. Just hearing the jet noise gives you a thrill. Seeing it zoom UNDER the Chained Bridge was a natural high.


pngf said...

yep, chain bridge and hungarian baths were the most memorable attractions (and the cow statues). if you have time, i recommend the ice cream at the famous gerbeaud bakery.

Anonymous said...

I was at Budapest in June 2006. It was summer, and I thought my skin would be crisp-fried and drop off. Anyway, walked along the Chain Bridge to the Cave Church, and walked ANOTHER bridge back. Good memories though.